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Onsite Event Hosts

We have full confidence that any corporate team building event of any size can be hosted remotely by our Crawl Masters, therefore the majority of our events do not have an Onsite Event Host present. However, for large groups (generally with 50 or more people) that want the added convenience of a person physically there to facilitate their scavenger hunt, we can provide an Onsite Event Host at an additional cost.

Your Onsite Event Host ensures that Get-A-Clue takes care of every detail from the day you book with us, to the day of your team event. They will arrive early to your starting location and will personally check in with your other crawl venues to ensure they are prepped and ready to go. Don’t want to mess with distributing wristbands, drink tickets and crawl guides? Our Host is ready to go when your group arrives. Your Event Host will meet with team captains to make sure they’re ready to go when it’s time to hand the event off to the Crawl Masters.

They will host the opening of your event, hype up the crowd, and explain how the event works. Our Crawl Masters will still run the scavenger hunt remotely, but your Onsite Event Host ensures that the entire event runs smoothly. Onsite Event Hosts will also kick off the after party at your final venue: announcing the winners and awarding any prizes you’ve decided to utilize for the event. Finally, Onsite Hosts can register guests on the fly and provide immediate invoicing for any team members who didn’t RSVP prior to the event.

If you are interested in having an Onsite Event Host at your event, ask your Get-A-Clue corporate planner for more information about having someone host your team building event in person today.

Other Event Services

While our crawls are designed to be an all-encompassing team building event, we understand that you may want to add a special component to your corporate event or ice breaker beyond what our scavenger hunts generally include.

As expert event planners, we are available to provide additional planning services at an additional cost. We’re happy to arrange:

  • Additional Meals
  • Organize Purchase of Concert or Comedy Show Tickets
  • Book a Local Band or DJ
  • Additional Services by Request

We understand that planning complex events, especially for large team groups, can be daunting and stressful, so simply mention your thoughts about additional services with your corporate event planner and we’re happy to work with you to plan the perfect, customized event for your group of coworkers or leadership.

If you are in need of additional event planning services, above and beyond a standard scavenger hunt, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us today for more information about what our team of expert event planners can do to help you organize the perfect corporate event.

Corporate Team Building Scavenger Hunts and Bar Crawls