Corporate Team Building Scavenger Hunts

Crawl Guide:

How It Works

All You Need To Know

Get A Snack:    Show up an hour before your start time, enjoy appetizers & drinks together.
Get A Team:      Divide into your teams with captains. Name your team & send a photo to your crawl master.
Get A Clue:       The crawl kicks off with your first clue to guess your next bar!
Get A Walk:       Please walk between bars. Do not run! And no driving.
Get A Brain:      Work through the trivia questions as a team. Using Google is lame.
Get A Cohort:   Challenges are for the entire team – you can’t win without participation & creativity.
Get A Point:      Team with the most points at our 5th and final location will be declared winners!

Your Crawl


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The GENIUS Team Building Event


Any Day of the Week

Meeting Time: 

1 Hour Before Start

Meeting Place: 

Picked By Our Staff

Crawl Starts: 

When You Like

Ends By:

2-2.5 Hours Later

# Teams:

10 or more? (100++)

Crawl Master/s: 

Meet Them Here

Potential Themes for Your Adventure (Choose Up to 3):

General Pop Culture

Decade: 2000s

Harry Potter

Football (world)

Decade: 1970s


Football (american)

Star Trek

Decade: 1980s

Doctor Who

Marvel Movies (MCU)

Star Wars

Decade: 1990s

Game of Thrones


Wizard of Oz

Corporate Team Building Scavenger Hunts and Bar Crawls