Go Where You Wanna’ Go

So you’re ready to book your crawl? Great! One of the biggest decisions for your event lays ahead: where will you have it? Choosing a dynamic and easy location can really enhance your team’s experience together. Here are some tips and ideas to help you as you decide.

Location, Location, Location

One of the key components to a successful corporate team building bar crawl or scavenger hunt is your location. The atmosphere helps set the mood for your group, as well as foster a feeling of fun and togetherness that facilitates the team building you’re looking for. For example, choosing a fun neighborhood in the closest city to your office can give your team members a fun and exciting day. Or, add a scavenger hunt or bar crawl to the end of a group trip to a convention or trade show as the perfect team ice breaker to transition into casual time hanging out.

Choosing a Neighborhood

Though you’re likely planning on doing your corporate bonding event close to the home office, you still have some choices about where to crawl. A suitable location has a few key characteristics. For example, you want to make sure there is a high density of bars or pubs that suit the varied tastes of your group. You don’t want to be walking too far between stops, and the more options you have, the more chance for surprise. For example, Midtown in New York City is a great place for your corporate event. There are a variety of fun and interesting bars that are a short walk apart, a fun atmosphere on the streets, and even some well-known locations to stop at along the way for photo ops. It’s that atmosphere that helps your group relax and get to know each other the best. You want to use your location to enhance your event and set the mood for your team.

Along the Way

If you happen to be out of town, or in a city that your team doesn’t spend a lot of time in regularly, you can easily add exciting stops and tasks based on well-known local attractions. For example, in Minneapolis you can have your teams find and take a picture tossing their hats with the Mary Tyler Moore statue. You can experience a new city during a conference or training weekend or add a scavenger hunt/bar crawl to your new hire orientation, and explore your city in a new way. The holidays are a great time to add in city experiences if your area has decorations, outdoor markets or other seasonal attractions.

Just a little bit of planning can really make your event special. Think carefully about what neighborhood or attractions you’d like your team to visit, and contact Get-A-Clue today!