And Now, For Your Next Challenge

You may have heard that your corporate scavenger hunt includes a series of trivia and challenges. While trivia is pretty self-explanatory, you may be curious about how a challenge works, and what you’ll be asked to do. Don’t worry, our challenges are a series of fun, often silly, team building activities for your group, and should not include anything dangerous. While you may feel a little self-conscious or embarrassed at first, the idea is to let your guard down a little and learn to build trust with your coworkers.

Each team will have a challenge at every stop along their journey. Everyone in the group should participate in these challenges. The idea behind it is to work together to have a little bit of fun and maybe even learn something about each other. Once you’re done, you’ll be asked to submit proof of completion to your crawl master which may be a picture, video, or even an image of a drawing you had to make. Then? You’re given points and sent your next clue.

Here’s a Challenge as Submitted to the Crawl Master:

Still a little unsure? Let’s walk through one together.

Imagine this: you show up to your first location and settle in for the duration of your stay. First, you have to work together to answer a trivia question. Perhaps it was about Game of Thrones, maybe a little 90s info, or even a bit of Star Trek nerdery. With a little bit of discussion and a lot of laughter, you get the answer right. Good job team! Next, your crawl master responds with a challenge card. The challenge? Do the “Thriller” dance and send a video to your crawl master.

Someone in your group, perhaps the captain, takes on a leadership role. You all watch the Thriller dance on YouTube and line up together to prepare for your moment in the sun. One of you sets up the camera, making sure the lighting is just right for your activity. The captain wants you to practice a little first. And you work out going to the right first, then left, with your outstretched zombie arms. Though the giggles you finish and are ready to record. Your team videographer starts the recording and in sync you all dance together. One of your coworkers is consistently the wrong way, but you just make silly faces at each other as you end up face to face. Video done, you send it on to your crawl master. The clue arrives and it’s on to the next location!

Challenges can be on a theme you request, involve funny drawings, or even a guessing game with your crawl master. You and your co-workers determine how silly and how much fun you have as you move through the hunt. So don’t be scared, even the shiest person has a spot in a Get a Clue corporate scavenger hunt!