4 Office Holiday Party Ideas

Planning a holiday office party for your company can be a daunting task. For one, it’s easy to get stuck in the pattern of planning the same old party at the same venue each year, which can get a little boring. Why not break away from the ordinary and plan a holiday party that will be fun, engaging, and provide your employees with the opportunity to use their problem-solving skills while getting to know each other outside of work? At Get-A-Clue Adventures, we plan exciting corporate team-building scavenger hunts that combine adult fun with creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving. Below are four office holiday party ideas for you to consider as you plan your next company holiday party.     

Harry Potter Holiday Adventure

If you and your employees are bewitched by the magic of the Harry Potter book series and films, a Harry Potter-themed scavenger hunt bar crawl may be the perfect way to celebrate the holidays! Whether you are celebrating Halloween or Christmas, our Crawl Masters can design a spellbinding scavenger hunt that combines tasty adult beverages, themed-trivia, and the magic of Harry Potter. Your team members can even dress up as their favorite characters for this enchanting adventure — in fact, we encourage it!

1980s Bar Crawl

A1980s-themed scavenger hunt bar crawl can make your Halloween office party a memorable one. For one, who doesn’t love rocking all the neon colors and spunky styles from the 1980s? And second, some of the best horror and sci-fi movies came out of the 80s, making this decade the perfect theme for your office’s Halloween party. Your employees can dress up as their favorite spooky movie characters and use their knowledge of this decade to answer fun trivia questions at each stop.

Pop Culture Bash

No matter the holiday you’re celebrating, our Crawl Masters want everyone to feel included in the fun. Rather than throwing a Christmas party this year, be more inclusive by planning a fun event that can cater to everyone. A general pop culture pub crawl is a great way to get everyone involved in the holiday fun. Our Crawl Masters can take bits and pieces from pop culture to create an exciting, engaging adult scavenger hunt that sparks team-building and creativity.  

Holiday-Specific Bar Crawls

If you’re looking for Christmas party ideas for work that are more specific to this holiday, we can tailor a holiday scavenger hunt that celebrates all of the best aspects of Christmas. Simply visit Get-A-Clue Adventures to book your holiday event and our Crawl Master and planning assistants will work with your to create the perfect Yuletide scavenger hunt pub crawl.    

Plan Your Holiday Team-Building Event

Are you ready to plan your next team building event for the holidays? An adult scavenger hunt bar crawl is the perfect way to spark collaboration and creativity while you and your employees build lasting relationships that can improve teamwork in the work environment. We offer flexible pricing and packages to meet any budget. No matter the size of your party, our Crawl Masters and planning assistants will collaborate with you to create an engaging, entertaining adult scavenger hunt and pub crawl that inspires fun, problem-solving, and team building. Contact Get-A-Clue to plan your next holiday office party!