Welcome back to the Get-A-Clue Adventures blog! Employees are much more efficient when they are able to communicate with each other and collaborate as a team, but sometimes, it can be hard for people to engage with one another in the workplace. Whether individuals are shy, feel like they have nothing in common with their co-workers, or simply don’t talk much, this can affect the overall productivity of your company. But there’s no need to fret! Our Crawl Masters have three awesome icebreaker activities to inspire better communication and collaboration among your employees.   

Get Them Out of the Office

Your employees spend the majority of their day in the office, which can lead to repetition and stress. Rather than gathering your employees into a stuffy meeting room for another boring team-building activity, get them out of the office and into a fun environment! This can break the ice, allowing individuals to talk freely, eat, drink, and be merry so they can let loose a bit and get to know each other.

Plan Monthly Adult Scavenger Hunts

Adult scavenger hunts are effective icebreakers. Scavenger hunts give your employees the chance to converse, problem-solve, and share in merrymaking as they collaborate to complete challenges. Try planning a monthly scavenger hunt to build relationships among your team and spark conversations that can break the ice.

Plan A Bar Crawl

Adult scavenger hunts and bar crawls are the perfect way to break the ice among employees while sparking collaboration and creativity. These engaging activities can build lasting relationships to improve teamwork in the work environment. We offer exciting adventure themes like Star Wars, Game of Thrones, and decade-specific bar crawls. Plus, we offer flexible pricing and packages to fit any budget. No matter if your party is small or large, our Crawl Masters and planning assistants will work with you to design an entertaining adult scavenger hunt to break the ice. Contact Get-A-Clue to plan your next team building event!