Welcome to Get-A-Clue Adventures

Hosted by a personal tour guide, your corporate scavenger hunt and bar crawl is anything but yawn-inducing. Our bar hopping events are structured but flexible, organized but loose, and every event is meant to help your team not only enjoy a few laughs, but also rely on each other to find answers to  cleverly constructed clues in our adult scavenger hunt. Team building and ice breaker events has never been this engaging, fresh, and fun! So get crawling with Get-A-Clue!

Each bar crawl scavenger hunt is private and customized to your corporate group’s team building goals. For the adult scavenger hunt, participants meet at a designated starting point and walk in teams from bar to bar (no driving). Great for team ice breakers!

We hold custom-planned pub crawl adult scavenger hunts within walking distance of your town or the city you’re visiting. Due to our excellent reputation, local establishments regularly welcome Get-A-Clue bar hopping corporate events.

Avoid the disappointing routine of lack-luster bowling alleys and escape rooms. Get-A-Clue bar crawl adult scavenger hunts and ice breakers are a great way for your corporate team to have fun while simultaneously building bonds with each other.

How It Works

Don’t bring your coworkers, or leadership team, to another boring team building activity in an attempt to ‘break the ice’. Instead, schedule a custom adult scavenger hunt and bar crawl with Get-A-Clue! Let us take the pressure off and plan each step for you, from bars, clues and food to keeping everyone on track and organized during your bar hopping adventure. Click here to see how our pub crawls work and start planning your next unique team building activity today!

Popular Cities To Crawl

We have arranged bar hopping events in more than 200 areas across the nation, and the list is growing every  day! We can set up Get-A-Clue bar crawls and adult scavenger hunts in practically any U.S. city. Check out our most crawled cities below, we would love to plan your next leadership activity!

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